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Hin Blue, followed by Xiao Yan quickly into the arms of football, physique of a move,Coach Outlet Store Online, into a shadow,Coach Outlet Store, easily followed after the black rat.
fall within the stream of God, poison rampant, but Xiao Yan has not suffered the slightest stop, for this strange scene, he is suddenly in the somewhat confused,Coach Outlet Online, probably because the body different fire because of it, which to the sun to strong things, for these properties chill poison, always some some restraint & quot.;
unimpeded way, Xiao Yan plus speed, just half an hour, the two men is the gradual deepening of the fall into the stream of God, but at the moment is getting rich smog around, but fortunately has a different fire isolated Xiao Yan and Yan Blue also did not subject to erosion.
full stature before the line, once again continued for a long while, suddenly stopped in front of the black rat and the next, and subsequent Xiao Yan is suddenly be aware of, one that it would be the catch, then holding Hin Blue, he went after a boulder.
Xiao Yan in front of the two, is a huge mountain baizhang foot, mountain shrouded in smog,Coach Outlet, but at the moment around the mountain, there are dozens of scattered white figure standing, where a white shadow, it is suspended in the mountain the air, on their opposite mountain cliff, with a hole appeared faint & quot.;
‘woe poison woman, obediently back to glacial valley with the old lady, maybe you can go way out there!’
face slightly changed, Xiao Yan eyes down that old man’s voice, look to that hole, immediately pupil suddenly shrunk, I could see nothing in there, a white shadows, elegant old, gray and purple dual-mode,Coach Outlet Online, reveals the intention to kill the cold – ,
‘small medical cents & quot;.’ 1043rd chapter glacial valley extermination
white shadows that looked at the hole,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao